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Jaroslav Stranavsky - MUSIC-MASTER

Jaroslav Stranavsky


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G. Verdi: Othelo

William Powers-baryton & Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, Denis Burkh-Conductor.
Recorded by: Jaroslav Stranavsky Music Master Slovakia



G. Verdi: Othelo

Anyone can record the sound, but only a few
can record the music

Jaroslav Stranavsky


The Master For the last 20 years Jaroslav Stranavsky has been one of the few music directors and sound engineers, who knows how to record not only
the sound itself, but also is able to enhance the music with the soul
of the musician or singer. He is cooperating with the best Slovak and Czech orchestras as well as singers, musicians, composers and conductors from all around the world.

Jaroslav specializes in recording acoustic music such as opera, symphonic and chamber music, jazz, folk, pop music and movie music, with the dominance of acoustic instruments and multi track in the electro acoustic studio.

His recordings received several prestige awards. Diapason d’or, Prix de Musique folklorique de radio Bratislava, Grand Prix S. Stracinu.

If you need to record any kind of project for musicians, singers or composers with Czech or Slovak opera, symphonic and chamber orchestras you are in the right place. We provide concert halls, our studio as well as church pipe organ in Kremnica and for pianists concert hall with Steinway concert piano. We can also record your orchestra in your concert halls. After recording, you will receive original CD master of your recording or we can arrange production of CD copies including booklets and graphical design.

There is a lot more that we can do. Therefore, if you have more questions please contact us at: email




Jaroslav Stranavsky (b. 1960, Turzovka, Slovakia), studied violin and composition at the conservatory of music in Zilina, Slovakia, in the class of Prof. L'ubomir Kudja (1976-1982). Following his studies, between the years 1983-1989, he performed as first violinist with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Kosice State Philharmonic, the Slovak Sinfonietta, the State Opera of Banska Bystrica, and in a number of smaller ensembles.

In this period, Jaro also worked as an 'external' with Slovak National Radio, as a composer and musical director. This co-operation was linked mainly to his involvement in the competition of recordings of European radio stations with folkloric motifs. In 1989, his recording (for which he was both composer and director), won the highest score out of a field of 145 competitors at the 'Prix de Musique Folklorique de Radio Bratislava'. Later that year he became an internal music director at Slovak National Radio. After the revolution in 1989, this competition ceased for a decade, as Slovak National Radio underwent major economical and political changes.

With these changes, came also many new opportunities for work, and Jaro began working with a number of recording companies from Western Europe. In 1993, Jaro left Slovak National Radio to pursue the recording of classical music under his own newly established label, 'Music Master', and was soon in demand by publishing houses around the world. In the last decade, Jaro has produced, recorded and mastered over five hundred Cds, in every genre imaginable. In addition to this, Jaro's original compositions have featured on numerous film and television documentaries.

He has worked with all the most prominent Slovak and Czech orchestras and soloists including; the Slovak Philharmonic, Slovak National Theatre, Symphonic Orchestra of Radio Bratislava, Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Slovak Sinfonietta, Musica Aeterna, Solamente Naturalis, State Philharmonic Orchestra of Brno, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Janacek Chamber Orchestra, and has also worked with orchestras from Austria, France and Italy (e.g. Weiner Symfoniker), among others.

Jaro has also worked with a number of award winning soloists and conductors from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. For example, some of the conductors with whom he has worked are: David Porcelijn (Niederland), Didier Talpain (France), Theodore Kuchar (USA), Vladimir Valek (Czech R.), Dennis Burkh (USA); Konstantin Schenk (Austria); Peter Kotik (USA); Leos Svarovsky (Czech R.); Oliver von Dohnányi (Czech R./Slovakia) and Petr Vronsky (Czech R.). Among the many outstanding soloists he has worked with are: Grammy award winner and multiple nominee, Carlos Franzetti (USA – Jazz Clarinettist/composer); Jacque Trussel (USA-Tenor), William Powers (USA-baryton), Elizabeth Rich (Pianist, USA)  Julius Jeongwon Kim (Korean Pianist); Jiri Hanousek (Czech cellist); Martin Babiak and Jozef Kundlak (Slovakia – both winners of the Pavarotti competition); Misha Keylin (Violinist, USA), Ragin Wenk-Wolff (Violinist, USA), Bohuslav Matousek (Violinist, Czech R.); Peter Zajicek (Violinist, Slovakia.),Milos Valent (Violinist, Slovakia.), Monika Leskovar (Croatian cello prodigy and winner of the Tchaikovsky and Adam competitions) and Jan Labant (Guitar - Slovakia).

As a director, he has worked with ORF (Austria) and RAI (Italy) and as a sound engineer he has worked with renowned musical director Miroslav Svoboda, who is best known for his work as musical director for Herbert von Karajan at the opera productions in Salzburg. Under his 'Music Master' label, Jaro has also successfully recorded many complex and complicated live productions. For instance; the 2004 ‘Berlin Marz Aktuel’ music festival, at which he recorded a concert for 3 symphonic orchestras.

Jaro’s musicianship in the studio is highly prized by composers the world over, many of who return to Europe repeatedly to record their orchestral and chamber music works with him. He has recorded albums for: The USA’s John Cage, (‘103’- 90 minutes of music for 103 players in 103 voices, a unique recording, ‘Asphodel’ Label); Hayden Wayne (New Millennium Records); Michael Whalen (Narada label); Alexander Warenberg (Brilliant Classics), Ludovit Rajter (CPO), Australia’s Marian Budos (Music Master); and Japan’s Somei Satoh (New Albion Records), to name just a few.

In 1999, the 'Prix de Music Folklorique de radio Bratislava' was re-established, and renamed 'Grand Prix S. Stracinu'. In the opening year, Jaro won, from among 72 competitors, every prize including the Grand Prix for his work, 'Inspiration for One Violin' (Multiplayback). He was also the composer, soloist, sound and artistic director of this recording. Newspaper headlines of the day proclaimed: 'Jaroslav Stranavsky, Music Master - swiped out all Grand Prix prizes'. When he again won the Grand Prix for the next two years running, EBU prohibited all private enterprises from entering the competition that were not a part of the EBU. As a result of this, Jaro and his Music Master no longer compete in this competition, but have instead been invited back on the panel of adjudicators each year.

Jaro has recorded all the best known operas (by Strauss, Wagner, Puccini, Mozart, Beethoven and others) for BMG and Ariola, with the Janacek Philharmonic orchestra, Ostrava and the Slovak National Theatre. Jaro’s work has appeared on numerous labels, including: CPO, Brilliant classics, BMG, Ariola, EMI classics, Naxos, New Millenium Records, Centaur, and K617. His attention to detail has also been noted by his peers. Jaro has won the prestigious ‘Diapason d’Or’ award in France four times now, for his period instrument recordings with the ‘Musica Aeterna’ ensemble (K617 label). His recording of Jacque Trussel received a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Classical Vocal Performance’ in 2001. He has also won the ‘Cena Slovenskeho Hudobneho Fondu’ prize (Bratislava, SK) three years running in all categories of recording; but a small sampling of the awards he has received over the years.

The success of Jaroslav’s recordings lies in his experience as a musician who has a talent for capturing the true atmosphere of a composition, and the interpretational intentions of artists. His CDs are lively and authentic. For best results, he seeks a close co-operation with the artists, so that the final product is a team work of the artist and himself, the ‘technician’.

For these purposes, he likes to use microphones ‘Bruel and Kjaer’ (Danish pro audio). He uses his equipment to produce a truly authentic sound, so that for instance, the Weiner Symfoniker really sounds just as it does, and cannot be mistaken for any other orchestra. This is most evident when comparing his work with that of other producers, where the orchestras cannot be recognised for their otherwise typical sound, on account of the ‘heavy technical touches.’

Jaro’s way of working also has many economical advantages – for instance, the long life of the CD on the market. For example, the CD titled ‘Opera Arias’, by baritone William Powers with the Janacek Philharmonic orchestra, which Jaro’s Music Master recorded for the USA label ‘Centaur’ in 1994, was for several years, one of the top selling albums of this label. And the same recording can still compete with any other recording made on the most recent state of the art equipment, which is used these days. CDs recorded by Jaro Stranavsky/Music Master receive only positive critiques.

The aim of Jaroslav Stranavsky is through ‘Music Master’, to continue recording and authentically capturing, not only the sound, but also the emotions and ideas of musical compositions. Arguably one of the most sought after sound engineers and music producers from Europe, Jaro’s prolific, creative and meticulous work consistently wins awards and attracts only the highest calibre of artistic collaboration from around the world.




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