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Jaroslav Stranavsky - MUSIC-MASTER

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Antonio Vivaldi: Koncert pre husle e mol, RV 275

Antonio Vivaldi: Koncert pre husle e mol, RV 275
Peter Spišský - violino
Solamente Naturali - Miloš Valent – leader



Music Master Slovakia owns the necessary logistic and contacts for projecting, organizing and managing a wide field of musical events, from professional recordings to the management of symphonic concerts and mega shows.

 The original intention of our involvement in organizing musical events is generating and promoting in as many directions as possible a special vision over the cultural management, a perspective based on the intelligent usage of cultural values. Our intention is bringing those products useful to the intellectual hygiene of everyone of us into the profitable area of the cultural market and also to convince the art dealers of their enormous commercial importance. Mainly we try to make profitable that area of the artistic creation that offers to every art lover the privilege of feeling himself treated as sensitive and intelligent human being.

Tamara Trojani & dogs,                                                Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra





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Tamara Trojani & dogs,

Konstantin Schenk & Wiener Romantic Orchester, Recorded by: Jaroslav Stranavsky-Music Master



Tamara Trojani & dogs,


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